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May 29th 2007

RISC OS Products.

Below are some of our products for RISC OS machines.


A low profile interface which allows the use of PS/2 style mice on RISC OS machines which are fitted with a standard Acorn-style mouse port. See our "mice" page for mice and trackballs

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Click here for PS/2 mice and trackballs

STD Standard Mouse

A quality Genius mouse, adapted for use with machines fitted with an Acorn-style mouse port using PS2MouseMini technology.


10/100BaseT network card for RiscPC/A7000. Flash upgradeable, includes BootP client. See networking page for pack prices etc.
£59 (while stocks last)

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Discontinued, see Unipod for modern replacement

USB Card

Simtec USB expansion podule for RISC OS machines
now only £89 inc VAT and carriage.
More information about USB

Discontinued, see Unipod for modern replacement

Multimedia Keyboard

19 Multimedia keys. With drivers for RISC OS machines and PC.

Keyboard Controlled Switch

A microprocessor-controlled switch box which enables two machines to share a keyboard, monitor and mouse. PS2MouseMini interface required for use with RISC PC machines. Please see our Switch Box pages for more information.

Switches include all cables.

Keyboard Controlled Switch : £89
KCS + PS2MouseMini Pack : £99
4-port Keyboard Controlled switch (for 4 machines) : £129
4 port KCS + PS2MouseMini Pack: £139

Iyonix users will require a suitable USB to PS/2 interface: £22.50

Epson Perfection 1660 Photo USB scanner with Transparency Lid

A high quality USB scanner....
See our Epson Scanner page for more details...

Wireless Networking

A range of wireless networking devices.
Please see our wireless networking pages for more information.....

Iyonix compatability.

A number of our products are compatible with the Iyonix PC.
See our Iyonix compatability page for more information.

Drives (Zip and HDD)

External Zip drives for use with the Simtec USB card (supplied with drivers):
Zip250 USB: £89inc
Zip750 USB: £119inc

The Zip250 will read and write 100/250MB Zip disks in DOS format. The Zip750 will read and write 250/750MB Zip disks in DOS format, and will read 100MB disks similarly.

Internal IDE Zip250 including Simtec IDE podule: £89inc
Internal 40GB HDD including Simtec IDE podule: £89inc

250MB Zip media: £10inc
750MB Zip media: £15inc


Our "legacy" PS/2 mouse interface, taking the form of a small interface box. Includes configuration switches to swap mouse buttons etc

This item has been superceded by PS2MouseMini. Limited quantity for special order only £30 - contact us for availability.

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