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This page contains software which may be downloaded from the Stuart Tyrrell Developments website.


!STDMMK is the driver sofware which has been supplied with our MultiMedia keyboards for RISC OS machines (these are still available, but obviously there is no longer the requirement to pay for the RISC OS software!)

!STDMMK is now freely downloadable, and may be used by any individual with multi-media keyboards purchased from ourselves or third parties. Please note that the license conditions forbid distribution of this program by any means other than downloading it from this site. It is offered without support or warranty unless purchased as part of a full retail keyboard pack from us.

!STDMMK enables functions to be associated with multi-media keypresses - for example shortcuts for the popular WebsterXL web browser, CD controls, volume etc.

Our own MultiMedia keyboards are still available, although the astute who know they will not require support will purchase the cheaper version without drivers from our Parts and accessories section. Users requiring support should opt to purchase the software as part of our STDMMK pack.

Download !STDMMK v0.07

New in this version: Although this software is offered without support, we have been approached with a view to users adding their own action files. Version 0.06 allows for this - please read !Help for further details. We will publish the best action files here. Again, please note that we cannot guarantee to enter into correspondance with regards to support issues unless users have purchased this software as part of a pack with a keyboard.

Version 0.07 fixes a problem with the "squished" version of 0.06.

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