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May 19th 2012


Unipod is our multi-function podule for the RiscPC and A7000/A7000+ The major functions of this podule are:

  • USB
  • 10/100 Networking
  • Fast IDE

Other functions are:

  • Enhanced econet-compatible expansion port
  • Simple printer port (future upgrade option)
  • Flash storage


  • Compact
  • User Upgradable
  • Affordable

Unipod was launched in April 2004. It may be purchased with any combination of 32-bit USB, 32-bit Networking and/or 32-bit IDE enabled, or as a fully enabled card with all three functions available. Other functions can simply be added after purchase with no requirement to return the card.

Unipod with one function enabled (USB, NET or IDE) : £99.00inc
Enable one further function (at purchase time or later) : £25.00inc
Unipod with 32-bit USB, Networking and IDE) : £139.00inc

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