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May 19th 2012


The video expansion card for RISC OS 6.

Vpod provides the following features:
  • Hardware acceleration for many common graphics operations
  • 32MB of on-board VRAM
  • 64 colour to 16 million colour modes
  • Includes 64 thousand colours as recently introduced in RISC OS 6
  • Auto-detection of monitor capabilities

These features enable:

  • A very responsive desktop
  • Large, colourful, high resolution displays
  • Easy setup for modern monitors

A picture of a Vpod

Vpod was announced to much speculation on the 1st of April 2009 - see the press release!

As expected, Vpod was first demonstrated on the 25th of April at the 2009 Wakefield RISC OS computer show and was also available to take away.


Vpod: £149.00 inc. VAT

Order from our online shop: Buy Vpod now

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