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We are proud to announce the availability of an improved version of MassFS which allows users to add their own hardware whilst allowing us to retain our policy of providing full support for our own customers.

MassFS provides an optional Mass Storage protocol for host controllers that implement the open Simtec USB API, such as the Simtec/STD USB podule and the STD Unipod.

Purchasing MassFS V1.00

MassFS V1.00 costs £10

MassFS V1.00 will be supplied free of charge along with any USB devices that require it which we sell.

MassFS V1.00 is included with every USB enabled Unipod.

Upgrading MassFS

Customers who already have MassFS can upgrade to V1.00, and continue to receive support for their devices as before. Of course they too may add further devices to MassFS. Contact us for pricing.

Adding devices to MassFS V1.00

New devices may be added to MassFS by modifying the "otherdevs" file as indicated. These may function in exactly the same way as directly supported devices, but will be given a special icon and will not yield a support key.

Worked examples are included as part of the file of existing devices, following this through should let you add your own. We cannot enter into any discussion regarding adding your own devices.

Submitting new devices for distribution

If you have a device which you have added to your "otherdevs" file, you can submit the settings for inclusion in further releases.

Please email your settings to


Your name
A short description of the device (eg "Thargus Enterprises pen drive")
The lines you have added to "otherdevs" to drive this device.
(the existing entries should provide a good guide to the format)

The first user to submit a new device will receive a "key", indicating that their settings are complete - subject to verification. Their settings will be included and they will be credited in future downloads of the "otherdevs" files.

USB devices which may be used with MassFS V1.00

See the support page for the latest OtherDevs file.

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